the people behind the name

The firm is a relatively small organisation, mature in experience, keen and enthusiastic with a vision to grow with the support of larger organisations and institutions to which we can look up to for support and guidance. A portion of our clientele base is from the previously disadvantaged communities as well as the lower income groups.


The partners are members of the Black Lawyers Association and National Association for Democratic Lawyers.  Mr Latib was also a member of the Law Society’s Legal Aid Committee.  Our partners are also involved in a number of community organisations. We have now also become members of Black Conveyancers Association. We are confident that we are capable of satisfactorily executing any work entrusted upon us and look forward to being your Attorneys.



The firm consists of two practitioners, namely HASSAN ABBAS and ASIF LATIB.
The former qualified and was admitted as an Attorney on the 22nd June 1982 and has practised law for a period of approximately 24 years.Mr Abbas had served articles with the Late YACOOB MEER of Yacoob Meer & Co. thereafter joining BUGWANDEEN SINGH, SHAM & CO, and thereafter remaining on as a Professional Assistant with NOWBATH SINGH  & CO from whom he eventually acquired the practised and converted to HASSAN ABBAS  & CO.  He has practised under the latter name and style for a period of approximately 17 years.


The latter qualified and was admitted as an Attorney during June 1994 and took on partnership with Hassan Abbas during this period.  The firm subsequently changed its name and commenced practising under the name ABBAS, LATIB & COMPANY. Mr Abbas is a Conveyancer having passed the examination in June 1995 with a pass mark of 61,7% and in charge of Conveyancing and Matrimonial Law related matters. He has also completed a course in Notarial Practice held by the Law Society of South Africa.

Both partners have completed a course in Maritime Studies. Mr Latib is in the Civil and Criminal Litigation Department as well as in charge of the M.V.A. and Debt Collections Department.  He also deals with the Estates and Corporate Law related matters. However both partners are capable of doing the others job and in fact do so in the event of absence.